bunch of spooky props
Alot of furnitures
Buildings for facade
tables chairs boxes
buildings abandoned mid construction, oh ya can make them too with the pieces in it
bunch of cans
1 material for all these objects
building blocks
modular stuff to make building set
trim sheets to build your things
stuff to make wood houses
grass, trees , shrubs, leaf on sticks
3 pavilions, a tower and walkways
stuff to setup an alley scene
suitcase and briefcase
set of lamp post, a trash can and a bench for your weary characters out on the streets
throw a chair for your homie
Crate, Barrel, jar and their broken forms
Box looking tv, they look heavy,
handy secondary firearm
the famous gun AK
Free 3d model of a semi auto rifle
6 shot revolver with animations and ammunitions
bunch of grasses
some bones to pick with
all tiles and 4 materials
Bunch of wooden furniture models using a trim sheet
bunch of furniture to fill the rooms
depiction of a simple wheat farm
bunch of plants that grow on concrete with sign fruits