props and materials from house shaped props
modular science fiction like tiles
pipes, 50 of them, put them up your walls
rocks ready to be dropped
bunch of flowers for everyone
props to carry stuff with
Packages to put in the corner of your rooms
Food for da videogame characters
bunch of cargo; make your own with the parts or use the one i made
30 buildings made of brick and fitting props
alot of tiles with a decent amount of props to cover stuff up
bunch of spooky props
Alot of furnitures
buildings abandoned mid construction, oh ya can make them too with the pieces in it
building blocks
modular stuff to make building set
stuff to make wood houses
grass, trees , shrubs, leaf on sticks
stuff to setup an alley scene
throw a chair for your homie
Crate, Barrel, jar and their broken forms
Box looking tv, they look heavy,
all tiles and 4 materials
bunch of furniture to fill the rooms
depiction of a simple wheat farm
bunch of plants that grow on concrete with sign fruits
3 floor plus a basement building
House with 2 floors and a basement